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Welcome to Walkerville Junior Football Club - thanks for visiting our website.

It's time to get ready for the 2024 season. Visit Powerhouse Sports, 204 The Parade, Norwood for your WJFC shorts and socks. Guernseys are provided by the club, and Team Managers will give these to players. 

WJFC Merchandise is also available for purchase. Visit the MERCHANDISE tab above. 

Go Cats!




Walkerville Junior Football Club was established in 1961 and is a successful and well-run club located in Adelaide, South Australia affiliated with SANFL Juniors. We are proud of our standing as one of the stronger junior metropolitan teams, and have won numerous Grand Finals in the U12 to U16 age groups.


In 2023 Walkerville Junior Football Club was proud to receive the SANFL Juniors Award 'Club of the Year'. The award was recognition of the efforts and support of our players, committee, coaches, team managers and families. 

We are very proud of our success and love to see our teams win. But that’s not our first priority – the club’s philosophy is to create an environment where all players who want to play Australian Rules Football can play at their best, enjoy their football, and have good coaching and mentoring.

The club is open to boys and girls aged seven to seventeen. We run an AFL Auskick programme in Term 2 and 3 each year for all children aged 6 years and under.

Registration opens around November each year, and all players must register – including those who played the previous year.  The Club’s registration policy is included in the registration information sheet, which is available when registrations commence. We have clear policies for player registration and selection ensuring a transparent process for the players and parents.

The club is run by a strong, harmonious committee that oversees all aspects of the club, including football operations. The committee works hard to set clear, fair policies and to make sure that they are followed consistently.

Walkerville Oval is conveniently and centrally located on Smith Street, Walkerville. We share the oval with other Walkerville Sporting Clubs and we may use other local ovals pending availability.

The Club’s success is the result of the dedicated work of many people over many years, and we encourage you to get involved and enjoy everything that this great club has to offer.

Go Cats!


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Important Changes for 2024 Season

  1. Ground Marshalls (GM) - All Grades

a.       No longer a 'rotating' role, but a fixed volunteer

b.       All GMs to register as a volunteer on Play HQ.

c.       Any GM associated with WJFC go online to complete their accreditation.

d.       SANFL Juniors have set up a new tab on their website especially for GMs (Ground Marshall Education - SANFL).

e.       Role of the Ground Marshall:

·       Inspect the playing arena and ensure that all equipment for conducting the game is available before the match (e.g., stretcher, goal post padding, siren).

·       Ensure that the Exclusion Zone is adequately set up.

·       Ground Marshalls are to remain outside the playing arena patrolling crowd behaviour and apply any best practice approaches to prevent any Code of Conduct breaches.

·       The Ground Marshall is the first point of contact for any objections, protests or complaints from officials and parents from their club regarding breaches in the Codes of Conduct.

·       The Ground Marshall is required to attend to the umpires prior to and after the game and ensure that the umpires have an escort on and off the ground.

·       The Ground Marshall is required to ensure that teams remain on the ground during breaks (unless directed otherwise by the field umpires) and that no parents/spectators approach the team huddle.

·       The Ground Marshall is required to report any breaches (oval set-up, Codes of Conduct) via the Microsoft Word - SJ05 Ground Marshall Match Day Incident Form (

f.        Team Managers should also familiarise themselves with the SANFL Match Day Guide 2024-SANFL-Juniors-Match-Day-Guide-v2.pdf (

g.       This, along with a raft of other resources can be found at “Clubs Hub” Clubs Hub - SANFL on SANFL Juniors website.

  1. Exclusion Zones - Premiership Grades

a.       We have received an unprecedented level of communication around Exclusion Zones for 2024.

b.       Exclusion Zones will be vigilantly inspected by SANFL Juniors through the course of the year, both in terms of how we have set them up and how well we are enforcing them as a Club.

c.       The following people are permitted in the Exclusion Zone:

·       1 x Coach

·       2 x Assistant Coaches

·       1 x Team Manager

·       1 x Runner

·       1 x First Aid Officer

·       Interchange Players

d.       The Ground Marshall is not to be a part of the exclusion zone and should be stationed outside of the fence with the parents and spectators.

e.       Should the Ground Marshall be required to enter the exclusion zone to address behaviour concerns from within the area, this should be done in a swift manner with the Ground Marshall vacating the area once the message has been passed on.

f.        Should there be any other official or parent present within the exclusion zone throughout the match, it is the responsibility of the Ground Marshall to ask that member to vacate the area.

g.       Ultimately the Coaches will be held responsible for any breaches of the Exclusion Zones.  First breach will attract a fine for the Club.  An observer from SANFL Juniors will then attend the next match with any subsequent breaches resulting in a 2-match suspension for the coach in question.

  1. Working with Children Checks

·       We need to have WWCC done for every volunteer in WJFC.

·       Please ensure your TM has got your WWCC so they can forward it through to Karen Glazbrook and it is kept on file.


REGISTER HERE on PlayHQ (click on link) 👇 👉


Walkerville Junior Football Club was the proud recipient of the 2023 SANFL Juniors CLUB OF THE YEAR Award. 

On Sunday 24 September at the SANFL Grand Final our President Jim Fairweather and some of our players accepted the award on behalf of our club. 

For full details of this amazing achievement visit the following link:

News & Info



There’s no doubt that our success and ongoing operation as a club could not be achieved without the dedicated support of our sponsors. We are strongly committed to the community within which we operate and we are proud to promote those who support us.

We can offer a range of benefits to potential sponsors, including the opportunity to reach more than 450 families who are involved with our club through our website, emails, social media, and through promotion at our home ground, Walkerville Oval.

If you are interested in supporting local football, please contact us

We look forward to having you on board!


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